Solo travel


Travelling alone has been shown to provide greater benefits and to reduce costs by more than half when compared to travelling with a family or in a group. The majority of individuals believe that travelling alone is terrifying and dangerous, thus they avoid doing so. In actuality, it isn’t quite as horrible as it is portrayed. Traveling solo is no different than travelling in a group; there are always people and safety resources available to help a person in distress. When it comes to solo travel, a lot of planning is required before heading out into the world.

Travelling Solo- 10 Pointers to Note before Travelling solo

10 Pointers to Note before Travelling solo

  1. Read up well about the destination
  2. Pack appropriately
  3. Plan your Itinerary properly
  4. Stay Somewhere With Multiple Positive Ratings
  5. Start Your Day Early so that you can explore more
  6. Make a List of Your Emergency Contact Information
  7. Meet Other Travelers
  8. Pick your destination wisely
  9. Embrace the complete freedom of solo travel
  10. Be confident

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